2008 Kawasaki Concours 14 Review Pt. 1

2008 Kawasaki Concours 14

Early 2008 release of a model to reach dealerships in early 2007

The new Concours ™ 14 and Concours 14 ABS combine engine performance breathtaking, impeccable handling and a comfortable driving position with clean, convenient shaft drive, locking hard luggage, an adjustable windscreen and an electrically host of other features to create the most impressive long-distance, high-speed machine on the market today.

An aluminum monocoque chassis, radial-mount brake calipers, inverted fork, and ram air induction are all features riders expect to find on top of the line Supersport machines. However, instead of riding a high-nervous racetrack missile, they can take advantage of these high-performance features on the new Kawasaki Concours 14 sport touring bikes. They are the first representatives of an entirely new kind of high-performance motorcycle: the Transcontinental Supersport.

Because it is a Kawasaki, the Concours 14 is naturally designed to do much more than just take a rider from point A to point B. Thank you to its sports heritage, the new Concours 14 is not only a source of inspiration impressive road burner, it can also cut the roads as a real mountain bike Supersport. For riders who cross state lines the way others cross the city, this machine offers more excitement than anything else in its class.

On 14 May Contest be a physically impressive machine, but as soon as the riders return to the side stand up, they will be amazed at the motorcycle to feel light. Confidence-building of the braking system (ABS OF Competition ™ 14 ABS) features radial mount front calipers operated by a radial pump master cylinder, for the superb control and powerful, reliable braking performance that continent Sports passage of the riders wait. Belying its tourism-like appearance, the competition of 14 phenomenal handling characteristics make the other bikes in its class seems to transport by comparison. This provides the Concours 14 rider with a feeling of complete control of the mind, travel confidence.

In addition to an incredible level of athletic performance, the new Concours 14 has the functional touches of a Grand Touring machine. Features include KI-PASS (Kawasaki Intelligent Proximity Activation Start System), the first “smart” ignition key in its class, and an accessory power outlet located near the cockpit to power portable electronics, handful of heating and other accessories. There is also a windscreen electrically adjustable and removable drive shaft, locking side cases, so the Concours 14 is always ready for a high-speed racing Local Hangout or that favorite spot … a thousand five hundred kilometers.

The Concours 14 is much more than a sport with turned-on touring features is a high-speed touring system. Protection against the wind for driver and passenger is based on a Supersport style design philosophy aerodynamic curve wind around the riders to reduce the shaking that occurs when the wind loops around screens that simply to “block” the wind. In addition, the tasks of maintenance long trips are minimized thanks to quiet and reliable shaft drive. With a four-link design, the Tetra-Lever shaft system significantly reduces transmission whiplash during riding and sport ensures the proper operation of acceleration when the engine of the incredible power output. In fact, power delivery to the rear wheel is so smooth and so direct that it gives the same natural ride quality as a chain.

The Concours 14 of the touring prowess does not stop there. The included hard luggage features a slim, integrated design which mounts the cases closer to the machine’s excellent central to centralize mass. Sensors in the front and rear wheels monitor tire pressure and display this information on the dashboard, giving riders peace of mind during two high speed when riding or sculpture of a steep mountain road.

With all the equipment needed for safe and exciting long-distance riding mated to a decidedly Supersport, the new Concours 14 amplifies the best features riding the bike has to offer. Motorcyclists carry a driver’s license, but Concours 14 riders should bring their passports, too.


- The most powerful production sports tourism
- The next generation aluminum monocoque frame
- Long distance comfortable driving position
- Low maintenance shaft drive

1352cc four-cylinder, DOHC engine with variable valve timing (VVT)
- Tuned to provide smooth power across a wide range REV
- Variable valve timing improves engine flexibility and efficiency by changing profiles camshaft for different ranges rpm
- Carefully planned engine design, compact and keep it close
- Chrome-plated aluminum composite cylinder bores are lightweight, durable, and quickly heat away from the combustion chamber and piston for supreme durability under high loads

Gear-Driven double engine balancers
- Already in perfect balance primary, secondary double balancers virtually eliminate unwanted vibrations very good for the engine and enhanced rider comfort

Ram Air Induction
- Ram Air ducts produce a path right AIRBOXE for providing maximum efficiency
- It takes cold, high pressure air, guides through the air filter and the engine for maximum power output

Digital Fuel Injection
- Throttle bodies are equipped with sub-gas valves which are controlled by the ECU to provide smooth, precise response similar to constant speed carburetors
- 32-bit electronic control unit works with dual gas valve to further strengthen the response of gas and control
- A digital computer feeds the engine exactly the amount of fuel needed to clean emissions and fuel economy up

Digital Ignition
- Digital Timing Advance enhances low-and midrange power
- Four candles mounted reels fire each spark plug independently to achieve the best time for the bottle at this moment
- ECU includes an idle control system to facilitate the start-up and warm-up

Radial pump master cylinder clutch
- Clutch has a hydraulic pump master cylinder radial clutch for smooth and precise clutch engagement

Aluminum monocoque frame
- The framework is a hollow aluminum box that arches over the engine management to the head swing arm pivot, it was close, solid, rigid and very light
- The engine is mounted rigidly to increase the monocoque of torsional rigidity. Plus using the engine as a stressed frame reduces the weight of about four pounds
- Engine placed forward under the wheelbase and front / rear weight balance were carefully designed to achieve high-speed handling and stability
- Massive CEO casting contributes to frame rigidity

Radial-mount Petal-type disc brakes at the front
- Radial Four pistons mounted front brake calipers. Instead of mounting brackets with threaded tabs sank near the top of the caliper design uses radial mounting points incorporated into both the top and bottom of the bracket with bolts inserted through the rear of the caliper instead of the face / face. This makes the caliper more rigid, thus improving the sense of brake on a wider range of operation
- A brake pad is used for each piston. A large pad can deform with the heat generated by braking difficult, resulting in a loss of brake feel at the lever. Pads individual to increase the efficiency of cooling and can absorb more heat without deforming to maintain the feeling of constant braking in extreme conditions
- Petal design front and rear brake rotors provide better cooling and better resistance chain
- Radial-pump front brake master cylinder improves brake lever feel and performance

Tetra-Lever Shaft Drive
- Unique four links significantly reduces the transmission design fillip during riding and sport offers good acceleration using the engine’s incredible power output
- Virtually maintenance free, the Tetra Lever reduces maintenance requirements routine

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