2008 Kawasaki Concours 14

The various Concours 14 and Concours 14 ABS combine breathtaking engine performance, impeccable service and a comfortable riding position with clean, convenient shaft drive, locking hard luggage, an electrically adjustable windscreen and a large number of others is to create the most impressive long-distance, higher SPD-machine on the market today.

An aluminum monocoque chassis, radial-mount calipers, inverted fork, and ram air induction are all riders expect to find on top-of-the-line supersport machines. But instead of riding a rocket higher tension circuit, they can enjoy these high performance features on Kawasaki’s Concours 14 Sport Touring different engines. They are the first representatives of a whole new genre of high-performance motorcycle: the Transcontinental Supersport.

Because it sa Kawasaki, the Concours 14 is naturally designed to do much more than just take a rider from point A to point B. Thanks to its sporting heritage, the new Concours 14 is not only an awe-inspiring road burner, it can also carve up mountain roads like a true supersport bike. For those riders who cross state lines the way others cross town, this machine offers more excitement than anything else in its category.

The Competition May 14 a physically impressive machine, but as soon as riders flip the side stand, she ll be surprised at the bike and lightweight experience. Confidence improved ABS braking system (Concours 14 ABS) features radial-mount front calipers operated by a radial-pump master cyl., For the superb control and powerful, reliable braking performance that continent-crossing sport riders expect. Belying its Tourer-like appearance, the Concours 14 s phenomenally responsive maneuvering characteristics of the other bikes in its category seem transports by comparison. This provides the Concours 14 rider with a feeling of complete control for vibrant, confident journeys.

Besides an incredible level of sporting performance, the various Concours 14 is the functional touches of a Grand Touring machine. shall include KI-PASS (Kawasaki Intelligent Proximity Activation s Start System), the first smart key ignition set in its class, and an accessory power outlet near the cockpit for powering portable electronics, grip heaters and other accessories. There is also an electrically adjustable windscreen, shaft drive and detachable, locking side cases, so the Concours 14 is always ready for a quick ride to the local hangout or that favorite spot … fifteen hundred miles away.

The Concours 14 is much more than a sport bike with attached-on touring features, it is an integrated high speed Touring system. Wind protection for rider and passenger is based on a supersport-style design philosophy, aerodynamically curved wind around the riders to reduce buffeting that occurs when wind curls around screens that simply block the wind. Besides maintenance chores on long-distance trips are minimized thanks to quiet and reliable shaft drive. With a special four-link design, the Tetra-Lever shaft drive system significantly cuts driveline lash during sport riding and helps ensure smooth acceleration when exploiting the engine’s incredible power. In fact, the power supply to the rear so smooth and so direct that he ride the same naturalness as a chain.

The Concours 14 touring prowess s doesn t stop. The included hard luggage has a sleek, integrated pattern which mounts the cases closer to the machine s centerline for excellent mass centralization. Sensors in the front and rear wheels monitor tire pressure and display this information on the instrument panel, so riders calm during two-up riding or when carving high spd a mountain route.

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